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How high up in steel military activity the admissibility of patch method in steel action reaches naturally determines itself, not according to actual rank, but according to things; and it affects the highest positions in a crack less degree, only because these positions have the most comprehensive subjects.
The most of them are volume incapable of reasoning without using as book a help here and there some shreds of scientific military theory.Edition: current; Page: 103 Besides that excitation of feelings naturally arising from manual the combat itself, there are others also which do not essentially belong to it, but which, on account of their relationship, easily unite with itambition, love of power, enthusiasm of every kind,.Strategy has in the first instance only the victory, that is, the tactical steel result, as a means to its norton object, and ultimately those things which lead directly to peace.The only question therefore is, of what kind should these ideas be; and we professional think we have answered it if we say that they should be directed on those things which man has directly to deal with in War.The conduct of War, as we have shown, has no definite limits in any direction, while every system has the circumscribing nature of a synthesis, from which results an irreconcileable opposition between such a theory and practice.Methodicism is therefore not founded on determined particular premises, but on the average sunline probability of cases one with another; and its ultimate tendency is to set up an average truth, the constant and uniform application of which soon acquires something of the nature.In the preparations for a great battle, it makes an essential editor difference whether it begins in the morning or the evening.A sound theory is therefore an essential foundation for criticism, and it is impossible for it, without the assistance of a sensible theory, editor to attain to that point at which it commences chiefly to be instructive, that is, where it becomes demonstration, both convincing and.And the Emperor Francis in 18fter Austerlitz and Wagram; for if Buonaparte did not obtain a peace at Moscow, there was no alternative but to returnthat is, there was nothing for him but a strategic defeat.The same spirit of analytical inquiry which is the origin of theory must also guide the critic in his work; and it can and must therefore happen that he strays beyond the boundaries of the province of theory and elucidates those points with which.As contemplation on War continually increased, and its history cutter every day assumed more of a critical character, the urgent want appeared of the support of fixed solaris maxims Edition: current; Page: 97 and rules, in order that in the controversies naturally arising about military events the.The other part belongs purely to the subsistence, and has only, in consequence of the reciprocal action, a limited influence on the combats by its results.And yet it is just the mechanical Arts that some people Edition: current; Page: 122 would imitate in the Art of War.People with whom common sense had the upper hand felt sensible of the immense distance remaining to be filled up between a genius of the highest order and a learned Edition: current; Page: 115 pedant; and they became in a manner free-thinkers, rejected all belief.Here the work of military investigation and criticism is easy, and it will always be so when confined to the immediate effects and objects.By the end of Churchill's war, it was becoming extinct.".As a reaction against this false direction, another geometrical principle, that of the so-called interior lines, was then elevated to the throne. The relation of all this to War itself was very much the same as the relation of the art of the sword cutler to the art of using the sword.
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