For roadways over 20 feet in epub width, the spacing between trucks became.0 feet, which is the same as the aashto bridge specifications.
With the 2008 publication of the MBE, the Subcommittee conferred archive status on the Manual for evaluation Condition Evaluation adbegone of Bridges, the Guide Manual for Condition Evaluation and condition Load and Resistance Factor Rating (lrfr) of Highway Bridges, and all Interim workshop Revisions of both prior bridge evaluation.Anchor: #i1003935 Current Status of aashto Manual The Manual for Bridge Evaluation, application First Edition (MBE) was adopted by the aashto Highways Subcommittee on Bridges and Structures in 2005.Texas allowed the use of structural grade of reinforcing until about epub 1962 which was described in the TxDOT Construction Specifications of 19This will be discussed in more detail in Chapter 5, Ratings call and Load Posting.An interpretation on applying this criterion to redundant bridges will be presented in Chapter 5, Ratings and Load Posting.Anchor: #yncjilvq Emphasis is placed on obtaining uniformity in condition ratings by different field inspection teams by developing an objective system of evaluation and training.Are now to be recorded.In addition, the following full major additions and modifications were made as compared to the 1974 aashto Manual: Records Anchor: #awcoudfk Recommendations modified for repair, maintenance, and posting Load Ratings Anchor: #llokqgjy Definition of Inventory Rating changed to omit the equivalency application to the original design load.Anchor: #xqhwsepg In 1987 new sections full entitled Evaluation and Limiting Vehicle Weights were added.An example in Texas is reinforced concrete box culverts.Texas minimum capacity for bridges to remain open converter is HS-3 instead of 3 tons.Material Testing: Anchor: #purklhqq Extensive new material is added on field testing of materials for concrete, steel, and timber including reference converter to the various newer methods such as acoustic emission for steel and pull-off and thermographic tests for concrete.The Manual for Bridge Evaluation, First Edition, with 2010 Interim Revisions supersedes the Manual for Condition Evaluation of Bridges, Second Edition and any revisions made in previous Interim Revisions.This manual procedure is not believed to have been applied to any structures in Texas, either on- or off-system.Anchor: #yqhxcwhw Sampling techniques are described in detail. Anchor: #eyrelyrg In 1986 concrete bridges with no plans were allowed to be rated by simple physical inspection and evaluation by a qualified engineer.

This information is not entered in the Coding Guide but should be kept in the Bridge Folder described in Chapter.
Primary bridges condition evaluation manual subjects with their major items were: Inspections.
The changes of 19, which did not allow qualification by experience, were therefore rescinded.