Give all - gives you all weapons.
Star Trek: Elite Force 2 trek (2CD) (Russian).The Secrets section has 6 extra levels to enjoy and are unlocked depending on how many Golden Starships you found in star the game.Noclip - walk through walls notarget - enemies can't see you kill - Suicide maplist - List maps quit - Quit game shaderlist - Show shaders demo - Demo game freeze - Freeze game playsong - Play game music record - Record game reset.Find the "seta g_secretCount" line and change its value so it elite appears as: seta g_secretCount "70" This sets the number of Golden Starships found to 70, which unlocks all completion bonuses.Attrexian Station Level.The levels are as follows 10 Golden Starships - Holodeck - Swamp Cabin 20 Golden Starships - Holodeck - Shuttle Shootdown 35 Golden Starships - Shooter minigame with Korban 45 Golden Starships - Concept Art Gallery 60 Golden Starships - Holodeck - Alien Cloning Facility.Use a text editor to edit the.cfg elite file that corresponds to your player in the "base" folder in the game folder.Multi-player map names: Use one of the following entries with the devmap code.Star Trek: The Next Generation.Star Trek: Elite Force 2 (2003) rrent.Bu serial ve CD Key ler oyunu orijinal yapmaz.Sadece orijinal oyunlarda açk özelliklere giremezsiniz.Star Trek : Elite Force.And complete a private force fare.After collecting all 50 spaceship parts, you must return them to Omega to get the "From Beyond The Stars" achievement. All List Of All US Cities, States and Zip Codes Database Software reviews, submitted ratings and written comments become the sole property.