Your goal here is to cities sand down these edges enough so that there is a game smooth and almost imperceptible transition from torrent the original dash surface to the filler.
Place one end of player the Fiber-Flex welding stick into the start of a cities crack (which is now a groove) and melt about 1 inch game of it with the welding iron.
The finish will crack not be a high gloss, but more of a high sheen satin due to the rubber in the undercoating.If you fail to do this crack step correctly or choose not to use the recommended vn-zoom prep solution, the surface filler will not adhere properly and eventually, will peel off your game dash.Once the mixture begins to set, you will notice repair how quickly it firms up and becomes very difficult to spread.Remember, by keeping the welding stick just a little below the surface of the dash, you will provide something for the surface filler to bite into.Consider the kind of extreme temperatures that your dash will experience where you live and then test your repair accordingly.Work slowly with a little pressure at first so that you dont sand too deep into the repair.I game chose Fiber-Flex welding sticks for this repair because snagit they angry are reinforced with fiberglass, melt at a lower temperature and are much larger in size to easily fill wide dash cracks and holes.I actually have two dashes; one from the donor and the other from my 82 320iS.When done, be sure to use the wire brush in the welding kit to clean the heating iron tip.A dash repair made with this type of filler will expand and contact with changes in temperature, torrent unlike Bondo, which will most likely crack and ruin player your repair. Note: SEM products can be found locally at car paint supply stores for about the same price or even a little less than what it cost to buy online and have it shipped.

To counteract this effect, you can try sanding from the inside of cracked dash repair kit the repair out toward the edge of the filler.
It was so dry-rotted that my fingers went right through; this was the extent of the damage.