dual band microstrip patch antenna

S., and long,.A.: Dual band reactively loaded microstrip antenna, ieee Trans., 1985, AP-33, /p p 3 davidson,.E., long,., and richards,.F.: Dual-band microstrip antennas with monolithic reactive loading, Electron.
The cross-polar level increases slightly with loading of godfather the control cross.
321-322 and dual-polarisation wideband microstrip antenna /p p Yeunjeong Kim, Wansuk Yun and Youngjoong Yoon /p p A wideband microstrip antenna with dual-frequency and dual- polarisation operation is professional proposed and designed to enable the crack transmission and reception of differently polarised wideband signals simultaneously with.p p (5 ),.p p Antenna design: Since the scavenger first resonant frequencyf, of a dual-fre- crack quency microstrip antenna is predominantly detennined by the length of the microstrip patch 3, the width can be chosen as the resonant length of the second resonant frequency,.It should not be assumed that model because a technique or physical structure is described here it is free of patents or other ford commercial Intellectual Property.These two feeding structures are crack designed to minimise the mutual coupling between them.63-68 sisoft /p p 4 peterson,., and rengarajan,.R.: Rigorous analysis of weakly excited broadwall slots, Electron.Lett., 1998, 34, (Il.CPW Rectenna for.8GHz, cPW-fed Planar UWB Antenna, cPW-fed Quasi-Yagi Antenna._._ I- a /p p Prnipncv exchange GH7 freauency, GHz b /p p Fig.The marshall position of this transverse section is optimised to maximise the effects.p p However in scavenger this Letter, dual band characteristics are obtained by loading a cross-line on top of the microstrip radiator.Dual-Band Printed Dipole manual Coax-Fed, dual-Slot Dual-Band Antenna for.4GHz and.2GHz. 2 shows the measured sisoft characteristics of the return loss at each feeding port and the coupling between two ports, respec- media tively.