hunter thermostate 44300a manual

Page 8, installation 8-9 What You Need This thermostat comes with two technician #8 slotted screws winavi and two wall anchors for mounting.
Source: Hunter 44260 Thermostat Problem make sure you have the jumper in place if iron you dont have a focus secondary heat source adapter red should be on r with a jumper.
The yellow wire connects wall the compressor contactor to iron the thermostat through terminal.Page 26 Programming 26-27 patch Reviewing Programs You may want to review the programs to see that the settings are compatible with.The HG/HE switch behind the thermostat is set.Our products are manufactured.Next, page 1, since /44350 OwnerÕs Manual, page.The white wire to the W terminal, the green one to the G terminal and the orange one is used for backup game heat and air conditioning and either goes to the RH or RC ports.TA SU 1234 ultimate heat cool.The red wire connects to the RC/RH port while leaving the jumper.It is important to remember that there may be a time delay for the heater to start up after the connected are in place.Hunter thermostats come in a variety of models with different working mechanisms.Most manufactures have all their manuals available (for free) online, if you have trouble finding their site, try google or your fav search, good luck, Chuck.Ensure that all the terminals are correctly matched.The old thermostat uses 6 wires.It can be pushed in with a paperclip to change the settings.In a single stage heat pump with heat reversing, the L port is usually unused manual and the other thermostate wires manual are connected in the following way: The blue wire goes into terminal B which is for the heat relay valve.The reset button is under the day/time button in front of the thermostat.Page 27 To Review The Current winavi Temperature Setting: TA SU 1234 heat cool Current time and. Source(s mo55440 1 decade ago 0, thumbs up 0, thumbs down, comment).
Page 23 suzuki Press manual Display Reads Step 4 TA SU 1234 heat cool Press once.

The thermostat as hunter thermostate 44300a manual 5 wires that need to be connected to the right ports.
Source: Need a user guide/owners manual for a hunter.