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This guy barely has any screen time or characteristics shown.
To better be fair, he playstation WAS the world heavyweight champion going up against a no-name and service reportedly won all of collection his redes previous matches with ease, so his version arrogance is not unwarranted.
Charles Atlas Superpower : legends manual Not really the case in the first three films, but reaches incredibly ridiculous levels in the latter half of his windows sextology.
Fight Night has rocked video-game boxing harder than Antonio Tarver rocked Roy Jones this past weekend, Ubi is hoping to make.Scary Black Man : Absolutely plays this role to the hilt, as full an ex street fight turned ruthless, knockout machine of a boxer who trash talks and attacks anyone around him on a moment's notice.Sudden Sequel Heel Syndrome : In Creed II it turns out that after Ivan was publicly windows disgraced by his defeat at Rocky's hands, she abandoned him and their infant son.True Final Boss : In Rocky Legends, Career mode for Rocky went on and on until he takes on Tommy in a street brawl match, much like how career mode started.Karma Houdini : His accelerator punishment for turning Tommy against Rocky and ruining Tommy's career.Your Cheating Heart : Cheated on his wife sometime before his death in Rocky IV, resulting in Adonis' birth.In-universe, he is seen as such, as his extreme talent with has made him an unsympathetic wrecking ball whose fights are never even close - yet put up against Rocky, with a broken hand and completely out of shape, he proves as much a Determinator.He even intentionally staged the champion fight just so Tommy can get ridiculed and convinces him to challenge Rocky, seeming that master versus apprentice is much more profitable than a regular title match.Read More rocky Legends, pS2 Previews May 16, 2004, ubi Soft is staying true to the.There have been many fighters who didn't get the respect they deserve because the guys around are nowhere manual near their level.He initially has the better of Rocky during the first round of their match, but Rocky manages to turn the tables in the second round.He ends up doing just that in the beginning.Villain Forgot to Level Grind : How he got outclassed in the rematch.Changed My Mind, Kid : Adrian spent a good chunk of the film, refusing Rocky to take up the rematch against Apollo.By complete coincidence, he'd also have a stunning similarity to Mike Tyson, both in his background and his fighting style.He shows further shades of this when he attempts to rescue Rocky from Thunderlips. At first Rocky refuses, but eventually agrees.
Unusually for this trope, his persistence sound pays off, as her shyness is the only real obstacle to their relationship.

Clubber just takes it all Up to Eleven and has a Jerkass personality.
Happily Married : To Adrian.