manual mandrel exhaust tubing bender

For accurate and user consistent bends a digital readout is also standard to keep track of the manual bend hour degree.
Baileigh Manual Tubing Bender - RDB-100 2,745.99, item Number: RDB-100, the RDB-100 manual tubing bender from Baileigh Industrial uses a large diameter indexing plate generator that allows the operator to bend up to 206 degrees (180 degrees plus spring back) without having to re-index and aero re-pin.
Shopping Cart Items: 0 Sub-Total :.00.The MB-350 mandrel bender from Baileigh Industrial is the perfect machine for small to medium fabricators looking to either increase productivity or bend to small radii like.5 times the outside diameter of the material.Hardened rolling shafts cities with bronze bushings ensures the machine will last for years of operation.Application : This product is widely full used for bending copper tube and stainless steel tube in manual, a must-have equipment for your refrigeration work.Can I buy spare parts or tools parts after I buy the bender?Pulling technology that with mandrel core-pulling mechanism, to let you can jade bend smaller radius workpieces without wrinkling, the processed workpiece has better quality with mandrel core-pulling mechanism.At Baileigh, were tube bender experts with 15 years of innovation.The RDB-050, from Baileigh Industrial, is extremely powerful and can manual bend up to 2-1/2" OD mild steel with a wall thickness.120" and 2" OD Chromalloy with a wall thickness.120".Size/Dimension : You can full choose the machine with going different user dies user as owners following: Place of origin hour : China, Sell to worldwide. The RDB-25 from Baileigh Industrial was designed to bend the most common sizes of tubing on safe centerline radii to ensure great looking bends. It is made from a sturdy cast iron frame and can be bench or pedestal mounted with the included pedestal.All the pulling mandrel bender should have mandrel bar, as opposed to the traditional pipe, with the mandrel,you would not filling sand into the pipe, it is more easy to use, fast, and better results, can prevent contention and curved lines.A tension spring back mechanism holds the position as the bend mechanism grabs the next tooth on the index wheel.Stand (Item# 426638) sold separately.The JET Manual Pinch aero Roll Bender offers great versatility, bending and rolling round, square, and solid tubing and flat bar.Available for die mold, and Mandrel bar as spare parts; Can bend mild steel pipe,stainless steel pipe, aluminium tube, or copper tube.Not need expensive tool steel. When requirements are for lighter gauge materials the RDB-100 ratcheting bend system can be shut off and the handle can be put into a manual override housing that allows the operator to simply walk around the manual bender and bend without the power of the.

The RDB-050 is revolutionary in design, function and capacity.
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Heavy-duty cast manual mandrel exhaust tubing bender iron construction is machined to strict tolerances to maintain accuracy.