If youre doing a physical count windows of menu your inventory, be sure to windows mark the crack boxes physical or shelves in your stockroom if autodesk the products in them arent visible.
Note that you service do not have to group the items by style or arrange the data in any special way in a Count Sheet.Addressing discrepancies If you encounter discrepancies take immediate action to get to the root of the issues.It is important to note that at this point you have not affected the inventory manuale levels in the system in any way.The first step in the physical inventory is to drop the Physical table by entering the Processes Physical Inventory menu and selecting the Drop Physical table option as shown below: The Physical Table is a virtual table in the database that stores the data used.Adjustments before proceeding with the physical inventory.Prepare food and drinks for your staff Water, sodas, and a few boxes of pizza will service multi go a long way in keeping your employees happy and efficient.Just generate the right reports and study the data for actionable insights.Furthermore, menu XpertMart will set the phys and diff column to zero.For example, if a piece of merchandise is missing, you can create crack another Count Sheet with the additional item.Philip Pravda of m highly recommends this method.When you select Start Physical Inventory you will see this screen: When you press OK XpertMart will create the Physical table (if you've never created one before) and will take the current stock quantities in the system and write them to the SYS isorecorder column.Take a walk with them on the sales floor or stock room so they can familiarize themselves manual with everything.We also catch problems a lot sooner service which keeps them from becoming huge issues.At this point, XpertMart will also automatically calculate any differences between the SYS and phys columns and will write them in the diff column.When you are ready to begin, go the Physical Inventory menu under Processes in the Main Menu and select Start Physical Inventory.Label boxes and shelves Dont go into the task blind.No matter how good your inventory control software is, if you are not periodically conducting physical inventories, the numbers in the system will be increasingly divorced from reality as time goes.Main cannot intervene at any step of the physical inventory process since it would then create too many opportunities for store managers to claim they are not responsible for discrepancies in stock since part of the process is open to outside intervention.These differences can point to a real problem in your operation and must be looked at carefully.On the other hand, if cycle counting isnt your cup of tea, or if you feel that you have to do a full inventory count in addition to partial stock takes (as some retailers do the tips below should make your life easier:. During the physical inventory process, XpertMart adds together all of the Count Sheets and takes the Net total.