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New Five-Speed Automatic Passes Muster, we confess adherence to infrared the preconceived garmin notion that performance would suffer with the automatic; message subsequently, we have a huge plate of crow on the menu for tonight.
But at the advent of this mazda phase, when the kids are few and tiny, and at the end, when they grow large enough to leave on their flag own accord, there is mazda a niche for a smaller, three-quarters-scale minivan.In Europe, compact multipurpose vehicles such as flag this are known as space wagons.We recognize that for many people there is a minivan phase of life, when the ability to carry a small brood and their paraphernalia in an economical and relatively fuel-efficient manner is a necessitystigma be damned.For complete and accurate data and information please visit/contact Mazda's support patch website.Last Product Added Popular Products).It is here that the Mazda 5 takes residence: a six-seat crossover with sliding doors that stems from the.It is 22/28 mpg with the manual.Its obviously crack not a conventional minivan when the 18,645 base Sport model patch comes equipped with a manual transmission.Mazdas big news for 2008 is that it has replaced the somewhat outdated four-speed automatic transmission with a five-speed that is available in all three trims (Sport, Touring, and Grand Touring).Meanwhile, the electrohydraulic rack-and-pinion steering is accurate and quick.9 turns lock-to-lock, understeer is moderate, and the turning diameter is impressive.Download/Hits: 68,101 time(s report: Verified Abuse report?The squat server look leads to the expectation that it cant mimic the Mazda 3 in dynamics, but it proves to be a reasonable copycat, thanks in part to its nearly identical curb weight. Our Mazda 5 was 25,645, which included the optional navigation, making it pretty much as loaded as they come.
Title: 2008 Mazda 6 krossfire Owners Manual, filetype: PDF, filesize: 6,806.

Steering, heater, ventilation AIR conditioning, restraints.
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