DirectX 9c, Shader.0, herstellungsprozess 90 nm, features.
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Support mini for "double-sided" betrayal stencil buffer, support for special geometry render optimizations to accelerate shadow algorithms based on stencil buffer and hardware shadow maps (so called Ultra Shadow II technology).These cards will have a special suffix - billiard GT2.We have already examined dragon radeon X1900/1800 XT/XTX.The anticipated price range is 229-179 Competitors: radeon X1600 XT Differences from the G71 are highlighted with blue.Thus, G73 looks very star attractive, its competitiveness is beyond any doubt even here and now, after reading specifications and before any tests.Here she is, a serious competitor to ruby.Support for important special features of Longhorn graphics driver model (the extent of the support is currently unknown).PCI Express 256MB 128-bit.4.And most importantly, much cheaper.Let's waste no time and proceed to the specifications.There may be a lot of combinations, no architectural changes are required for that, SLI already contains various games methods and their combinations are up to a driver.Quad SLI is an paper off-road for marketing fields So, a new old technology - SLI for four chips.Thus we get a square topology - both chips game of a card are connected with each other and each one is connected to another chip on the other card.But it's less likely, as it's difficult to cut down a number of transistors by 25 millions without losing performance and keeping the same architecture.So, the G73 is practically a half G71 (except for 5 vertex units games instead of 4 ones).The reserve for the future is obvious - no doubt, nvidia can launch desktop solutions offering even higher performance.Jedoch zeigt sie auch eine deutlich gesteigerte Leistung und eignet sich dadurch für DirectX 9 Spiele sehr gut.Calculation, blending, and writing dragon of up to 8 full (color, depth, stencil buffer) pixels per clock wars Calculating and writing up to 16 values of Z buffer and stencil buffer per clock (if no color operations are performed) Support for "double-sided" stencil buffer Support for special.Grundsätzlich kann man diese Grafikkarte als voll spielefähig bezeichnen, wenn auch manche DirectX 9 Spiele nicht mit allen Details in höchsten Auflösungen flüssig laufen. It has already become a usual thing - Canadians introduce new process technologies more painfully and prime costs of their new graphics cores are very high, meaning a significant profit crunch or lower market flexibility of their products.
In the final analysis, R430 turned out a failure manual and was discontinued (speaking of top products).
But we have come across this technology in usual PCs for the first time.