Display layout: Supports 9 display olivetti layouts save for standard screens (1/4/9/121/16/25/36/49/64) and plugin 5 for 16:9 or 16:10 wide screens (13/24/18/12/48) Video tour: Automatically display views, cameras and alarm twilight videos at a episode specified interval.
Instant episode Alarm Notification: Real-time alarm management supporting up to 45 alarm types, 6 video analytic events, alarm priorities and independent alarm coverage, data mining tools and much more.It features Coordinated Universal Time (CUT) and can olivetti translate local time at the recording best server site into the time zone of break the central management station.CMS Alarm Server, ultimate recording servers: Centralized management station supports unlimited number of nuuo Mainconsole family recording server (NVR/DVR/ndvr Hybrid, owners Hybrid appliance, NVRsolo and NVRmini edition 2).Automatic reconnection: Control device function and operate view by Keyboard and Joystick via NCS office Client.The time now is 01:35.The system provides smart search tool to retrieve information and recorded video.NCS Video Matrix Wall Live software Matrix: NCS Matrix stream and display live video from any nuuo Mainconsole family recording server (NVR/DVR/ndvr Hybrid, Hybrid appliance, NVRsolo and NVRmini 2) as commanded by NCS client.Users should access to nuuo Mainconsole to get recorded video if camera sequence of Mainconsole is changed.Map centric intuitive operation: All NCS functions are accessible directly from the E-map.Export video: Take a snapshot of the recording in jpeg format or export a section of the video in "AVI" and "ASF" format with digital watermark.Matrix View Groups: saison Each user/user group can be assigned to a different matrix view groups with specific camera viewing privilege.Print Alarm: Clients can print out a detailed alarm report with snapshots, alarm guides and a timestamp included Powerful data mining: Users can quickly search alarm history by alarm name, operator name, alarm status, alarm priority, time interval, source device, alarm type and keyword search.The security operator can open live video windows, instant playback windows, do remote backup, query alarms, trigger digital output devices, check system status, search for other system transaction data and more.NCS Matrix offers a video wall twilight for users to get video and manage alarm efficiently and instantly. All NCS functions are accessible directly from the E-map.
Users should synchronize or reload configuration heures of recording servers (Mainconsole, NVRsolo or NVRmini 2) after configuration of recording server is changed.
3rd Party Integration: Support 3rd party software, including license plate recognition, access control, POS, and through Mainconsole.