Siebel client Charts, accessibility support is available out of the interactivity box in Siebel Open. .
Module 1: Introducing Siebel Applications Siebel.0 Essentials 2 of 21 Copyright 2007, Oracle.
Siebel Customer client Relationship Management (CRM) Enables you to manage interactions with customers, partners, and employees Typically deployed as a single application with broad functionality Supports multiple communication channels Web and email Call center Field service Uses a single database to: Allow all users access.Accounts Are businesses external to your company Represent a current or potential client, a business partner, or a competitor Are associated with a team1/5 17 of 21 Copyright 2007, Oracle.The first column contains each of the wcag.0 A and AA Success Criteria or Section 508 criteria; the second column indicates whether the product meets the criterion, and the third column contains remarks about the product with regard to the criterion, including known defects.Module Objectives After completing this module you should be able to: Describe Siebel Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications and how they are classified Identify the common business entities found in Siebel CRM applications Why you need to know: You need to be familiar with Siebel.Requirements, the Siebel Open UI relies siebel on the following technologies: html.01, JavaScript, CSS.1, and WAI-aria.Opportunities Are potential revenue-generating events Have the following characteristics: A possible association with an account A probability of completion A close date Are associated with a team3/5 19 of 21 Copyright 2007, Oracle.Powered by phpBB 2000, 2002, 2005, 2007 phpBB Group.Types of Siebel Enterprise Applications Employee applications Are used by internal employees Examples include: Siebel Call Center Siebel Sales Customer and partner applications Are used by customers and partners Examples include: Siebele Sales Siebel Partner Portal 6 of 21 Copyright 2007, Oracle.There are three columns in the tables.Assets Are instances of purchased products Have the following characteristics: An asset number A product and part number A status level5/5 21 of 21 Copyright 2007, Oracle.Common Siebel Business Components0/7 Service Requests Contacts Opportunities Accounts Assets0/5 16 of 21 Copyright 2007, Oracle. Use of Administration and configuration features outside client of the Siebel Open UI client, such as command line utilities IT related features and Siebel Remote - Use of Oracle packages often configured together with Siebel.g.Additional information on usage, shortcut references and accessibility related information can be found in Siebel bookshelf - Siebel Fundamentals for Open UI guide. .The browser and client environment requirements are documented in the Deployment Guide for Siebel Open UI on My Oracle Support.1 Copyright 2007, Oracle.Siebel User Interface (UI) Modes0/2 High Interactivity Mode Standard Interactivity Mode The Siebel UI is rendered in one of two modes: 12 of 21 Copyright 2007, Oracle.Customer Application: Siebele Sales May be used by customers to purchase products over the Web Includes an interactive product catalog, search and product comparison mechanisms, and online ordering capabilities Shopping cart Product catalog 9 of 21 Copyright 2007, Oracle.It does not apply to any versions siebel of Siebel CRM: Core Client in association with Siebel Industry Applications Siebel Open UI after this.For information on accessibility in these products, please consult the documentation that specifically references the relevant product and version.This document describes the extent to which the product conforms to the Web Content high Accessibility Guidelines (wcag).0 'A' and 'AA' levels as described at http www. This vpat has been superseded.
Voluntary Product Accessibility Template, or vpat.
Siebel Customer Order Management (specifically Shopping Cart, Catalog, Configurator) - Siebel Task-Based UI - Siebel Proposal and Presentations - Siebel Social Connectors.