He eventually compiles a large catalog of power artwork and is convinced by his friends to basic try to sell it to an art gallery; he does and the gallery plans to exhibit his work.
"Fear with the familiar twists".Edgar retains local college student Jack Cantori as part-time shopper and personal assistant; soon after, Freemantle meets and befriends the island's other full-time residents, octogenarian heiress Elizabeth Eastlake (sufferer of trek final-stage dementia, whose family trust owns player most of the island training and her live-in attendant, Jerome.Most cheat notably, Mary Ire, who had purchased one of a series of " Girl and Ship " paintings, breaks into Ilse's apartment and kills her by drowning her in her bathtub (just minutes after Ilse burns " The End of The Game " at fans Edgar's.Freemantle and Wireman then fly north, to Minnesota, where owners they drop the statuette fred into Lake Phalen's freshwater power depths, to sleep undisturbed.He also peppers his stories with wonderful observations and little revelations that make his writing so enjoyable.Elizabeth Eastlake warns Edgar via telephone conversations that Duma "has never been a lucky place for daughters and that his paintings should be sold to multiple geographically-distant buyers, textile lest their otherworldly power grow too concentrated or dangerous.Intent on putting a stop to Perse following the death of his beloved codes star daughter, Edgar, along with Wireman and Jack, travels to the house Elizabeth lived in as a child, which is now overgrown by thick, unnatural vegetation.The New York Times printed a fairly positive review by Janet Maslin which called the novel "frank and well grounded" and lauded the brevity and imagery of the novel, as well as the furious pace of the last third, while a somewhat less enthusiastic but.Characters The novel contains an expansive cast of minor characters while maintaining a rather small circle of central players.Stephen King 20:34 (067) Stephen King - Duma Key.Elizabeth makes a surprise appearance at the exhibition, and after seeing the paintings herself for the first time becomes distressed and tells Edgar a number of things, including that the "table is leaking".Jack Cantori, a local college student.The book reached fans #1 on the. King published this bo Its funny, I read Kings Florida beach novel during a brutally cold Minnesota winter storm.
Elizabeth Eastlake, a wealthy heiress and former art patron suffering from Alzheimers, she plays a major role in background of the story and in leading the protagonists to stopping the evil force present on the island.

6 7 See also stephen king duma key edit Memory, a related short story by King.
The main character is a painter.