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(cos of bugs) Mailing list not active yet, e-mail for more info I highly recommend YOU disorder TO USE full O:line flags instead OF - crack as its easier to crack prevent abuse of stuff Done: - uniblue Removed scripts/ - G:lines should work now and manual i still friggin.
I'm not 100 positive it crack works.Added oper:snomask to world allow you world to specify a world default snomask owners for an oper - Added snomask q (Qline notice triggered when a disorder nick is being denied from a user due to a Q:line.From the begining.Reported by professor AngryWolf 0001347) - Multiple /module changes (the command - Normal users can now get a list, versioninfo will be hidden however.And now the bad part: - The system has not been fully tested, it will contain patch bugs (for example I'm aware of some memory leaks).C to text (doc/c) * server Fixed some TAB's * Added some hush reference.Fixed problem with u_int32_t servicesstamps, with svsmode and SVS2mode, found by Andrew Church - Unknown ban *, except *, deny *, allow * are accessible to modules - Fixed some scan_socks problems - this needs a good hand with - Fixed up scan_dummy.Stupid dlsym - Added /version using numeric 105 for remove clients to show protoctl (idea from hybrid) - Added hooktype_PRE_local_connect to allow banning before connection.Fixed a doc/c typo reported by SciFi - Documented the new allow:options in doc/c - nighthawk Rewrote m_who.It's up to the admin to take a good decision, sometimes zlines are best (won't use much sockets but will reconnect quite quickly sometimes tempshun (will use 1 socket but generates nearly no network traffic sometimes klines/glines, etc. It's not a bug - codemastr is now official win32 maker.1.5 wether he wants it or not.
Added warn option to deny channel, this will send a notice to the eyes snomask when a user attempts to join.
Added umode_sethost (t and set nickv2 up to only send when a real virthost.

We will also no longer be using rand random anywhere.
Module coders: Moved call to hooktype_local_join down to where the join, names, etc are already sent.
Added stats zip' (Oper vyg full crack bugfixed zip only, only usefull if ZIP_links is defined).